We accept emergency walk-in appointments at

Kingsville Optometry

If you are in need of emergency eye care call and explain the symptoms you are experiencing so the urgency can be assessed. 

Symptoms may include a sudden onset of flashes of light and floaters, spots in your vision, blackened areas in your vision or eye pain, blocked or sudden vision loss or double vision.

You do not need a referral to see an optometrist and at Kingsville Optometry walked in  appointments are available for eye care emergencies and eye trauma.  Optometrists can typically examine and treat you faster than the hospital emergency room can.  

At Kingsville Optometry we are equipped to remove foreign bodies from the eye, especially when metal is involved.  Our office has special diagnostic skills and equipment to differentiate the types of red eyes and eye infections.  Our optometrist can also write a prescription for treatment.

​​If our office is closed and you are experiencing a medical emergency, please go to the emergency room at

Windsor Regional Hospital, Ouellette Campus

Windsor Regional Hospital

Ouellette Campus

1030 Ouellette Ave

Windsor, Ontario

N9A 1E1

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