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As we age, we become more susceptible to eye diseases and health issues.
Kingsville Optometry is equipped with the latest advanced diagnostic equipment and is made available to all of our patients.

It’s important to protect your vision and detect changes that could lead to
irreversible and lasting effects.



This machine combines fours types of diagnostic capabilities to create the most efficient exam.  First, it will take a measurement of the curvature of your eye, then it will take a reading to give the optometrist a baseline prescription.  Afterwards, the machine will automatically switch to measure the thickness of your cornea, and measures your intraocular pressures with a soft air puff.

OPTOMAP2-300x245 (1).jpeg


The OptoMap is a wide-angle fundus photographer.  This camera allows us to see further into the periphery of your retina than with a conventional eye exam.  The OptoMap is recommended as part as your routine eye exam, as they are important for detecting various eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, holes or tears of the retina, or even eye freckles.



The Visual Field instrument measures the sensitivity of your peripheral vision.  These tests are not often recommended as part of your routine eye exam but for investigating glaucoma, stroke, pituitary disease and detecting various other diseases.



Optical Coherence Tomography, or OCT, is the latest technology in the optometry world.  The OCT allow the optometry to view the retina in novel ways.  the OCT takes a cross sectional view of the retina, allowing us to detect and manage eye diseases that could not be previously diagnosed with conventional exams.  The OCT is also very important for the investigation and monitoring of glaucoma.

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