With over 1,000 frames to choose from, Kingsville Optometry will have the perfect pair for you.

Our designer eyeglass frames are handpicked to ensure the selection has a wide variety of the latest fashion forward designs.  At Kingsville Optometry we cater to all optical needs, including prescription eyewear, prescription and non prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, safety glasses, and sports wear. Other services that we provide include adjustments and repairs.   Same day service is available based on prescription.


Anti-reflective coating improves vision, reduces eye strain and makes your eyeglasses look more attractive.

These benefits are due to the ability of the anti reflective coating eliminating reflection from the front and back surfaces of your eyeglass lenses.   With reflections gone, distractions and the lenses look nearly invisible.

No eyeglass lenses are scratch proof

However, lenses that are treated front and back with a scratch resistant coating have a much harder surface that is more resistant to scratching.


60% of people now spend over 6 hours a day using a digital device
40% of adults are still not aware of the dangers of blue-violet light to the eyes

Blue Blockers offer many advantages, it protects againist harmful blue-violet light causing digital eyestrain.  As well as protecting against harmful UV rays causing premature aging of the eyes and eye diseases such as cataracts.



Single vision lenses are lenses that only offer ONE type of vision correction. This means that they are crafted to help people see better at farther or shorter distances (nearsighted or farsightedness), but never both.

Progressive lenses are no-line multifocal eyeglass lenses that look exactly the same as single vision lenses. In other words, progressive lenses will help you see clearly at all distances without those annoying “bifocal lines” that are visible in regular bifocals and trifocals.


Progressive lenses are line-free multifocals that have a seamless progression of added magnifying power for intermediate and near vision.


The power of progressive lenses changes gradually from point to point on the lens surface, providing the correct lens power for seeing objects clearly at virtually any distance.

A bifocal lens is created with two different areas of vision correction, which are divided by a distinct line that sits horizontally across the lens. The top portion of the lens is used for distance, while the bottom portion of the lens is used for closer vision.


Polarized sunglasses always have been very popular among people who spend a lot of time near water. And for good reason — polarized lenses block glare from light reflecting off the surface of the water better than another type of sunglass lenses.

But sunglasses aren’t just for people who love boating, fishing or going to the beach. Anyone who is bothered by glare outdoors can benefit from these advanced sunglass lenses.

Polarized sunglasses can be helpful for driving, too, because they reduce glare-causing reflections from flat surfaces, such as the hoods of vehicles and light-colored pavement.

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