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The following are considered ocular emergencies and require and urgent visit within 24-48 hours.

Please call our office should you experience:

  • Chemicals splashed into the eye within the last hour

  • Sudden loss or decrease in vision, or the appearance of a cloudy veil in front of the eye

  • Foreign body in the eye, ocular injury or forceful trauma to the eye or surrounding area

  • Sudden onset of persistent, severe pain in or around the eye or with movement of the ye

  • Sudden onset of flashing lights and/or floaters

  • Sudden onset of double vision (seeing two objects instead of one, not blur)

  • Sudden onset of drooping eyelid

  • Sudden onset of a red eye

Not sure if you are experiencing an emergency?

Call our office to discuss your symptoms at 519-733-7644 or

email us at

​​If our office is closed and you are experiencing a medical emergency,

please go to the emergency room at

Windsor Regional Hospital, Ouellette Campus

Windsor Regional Hospital

Ouellette Campus

1030 Ouellette Ave

Windsor, Ontario

N9A 1E1

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